A Picture To Take Today: Homework Time

After school time is CRAZY at my house.  The big kids come crashing through the door, hungry and ready for some mom attention.  The little kids are waking up from their naps and ready for a snack and some mom attention.

It can get a little harried, but I LOVE IT and would not trade it for the world.  I set aside all my worries and projects for a little bit and completely soak up their love and energy.

My challenge for you today is to take a picture of homework time and what it looks like at YOUR house.

I grabbed the above picture of my little kindergarten boy.  I love how it captured his little hand and how it’s improved so much at holding a pencil over the past few months.  How is he almost in first grade?

And this picture…


Totally sums up the relationship between two of my girls.  Every time the big girl gets home from school, my youngest, climbs up in her lap and chatters on about her day, all the while the big sister chips away at her homework.

It’s blessed chaos.

How does it look in your home?  Capture it today!


2 thoughts on “A Picture To Take Today: Homework Time

  1. This is the coolest thing EVER! Keep going please! It gives me the change to see them and feel a part of it

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