Idea For Play: Ultimate Play-Dough Challenge

Play-dough is one of my favorite kid activities.  It’s so versatile, all ages can play and it’s suuuper cheap.  My favorite combination. 🙂

The inspiration for today’s idea came when I had a house full of children.  They couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm of playing together, there was constant bickering and everyone ended up finding me in the kitchen with the phrase “We’re bored!”

(And then of course- can we watch a movie?)  Blah.  But I didn’t want to waste this precious friend time with the TV, so I pulled out the trusty play-dough and we created a new game: Ultimate Play-Dough Challenge!


Here’s how it works.

Each kids needs a chunk of play-dough (homemade is really the best, google a recipe. It’s super easy- and yes, the cream of tartar is critical. Don’t make it without it.  I’ve tried. Epic. Fail.)

I also threw out toothpicks, random mason jar lids, cookie cutters, a couple butter knives and a rolling pin.


Next, come up with some challenges.  I came up with the first one, but then my pre-teen daughter stepped in and created the rest of the challenges.  She did a great job and it helped her feel included in the “younger-kid” activity. 🙂

The first challenge was: see who can build the tallest tower using only play-dough and toothpicks. Here was the winner:


The had so much fun.  The next was: build a birthday cake.


Everyone enjoyed that one.  And then the challenges kept coming.  Here was a list of ours:

  • Tallest tower
  • Build a birthday cake
  • Make your hand
  • Longest snake
  • Sculpt a Disney character of your choice.
  • Make a silly face
  • Create a house for a mouseIMG_0238

To make it even more fun, I turned on a Disney Pandora station and let the music play in the background.  Every time a new song came on, they had to yell out which movie it was from.

So next time your kids are bored, pull out the play-dough, turn up the music and play: Ultimate Play-Dough Challenge!  It’s totally worth the mess.



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