A Picture To Take Today: Time With Dad

Dads are special and so, so important.

They bring fun and excitement and play in a totally different way than moms.  Their teaching-style is different.  The way they relate and talk with kids is different.  Kids need good dads in their lives.

I snapped this picture while my husband was spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with our kids.  You can see the pure joy on their faces.  Wrestling with dad is a time of fun and bonding and a unique way that my husband shows our kids that he loves them and that they’re important.

So this weekend, try to snap a picture of one way your husband shows his kids that they’re loved.  Does he let them help around the house?  Does he do a tickle monster?  Does he tell lame dad jokes?  Does he accidentally doze off while they are reading to him? Whatever it is, be sure to capture it.

It’s a memory worth saving.

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