Activities For Kids: Sock Soccer

Okay, guys:  I finally figured out how to make laundry magical!

I was folding what seemed to be an endless pile of laundry.  (Seriously, why did no one tell me four kids created an insane amount of dirty clothes?  I feel like I should have been warned.)

But I digress.

As I was deep into the pile of socks, I thought- “Hey, I bet we could play soccer with these.”  (Doesn’t everyone get random thoughts like this when doing mindless chores?!?)

So after dinner that night, I pulled out four plastic cups (for the goals) and a pile of folded socks from the laundry room.  We split up into two teams, and played soccer on the wood floors.


It started as traditional soccer, but quickly turned into soccer with multiple balls (or sock chunks) and then progressed to Everyone vs Dad.  Then the baby sat in front of the goal and it became who can shoot past the baby (without hitting her in the face and making her cry).  No one succeeded at that.  🙂

It was fun and impromptu and silly.  My favorite kind of fun.

So, yes, laundry can be magical.  It just takes a little creative thinking.  So get out there, and score some sock goals on your kids!

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