Flashlight Hide-And-Seek

Have you played hide-and-seek lately with your kids?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out.  Nothing beats the all-out sprints, anticipating wait and heated debate at the end. 🙂

And don’t forget the giggles, snuggles and smiles.

There are many versions of hide-and-seek, but today I wanted to highlight Flashlight Hide-And-Seek.  It’s our all-time favorite.

And yes, we play it inside.

It is best played at evening or nighttime when the house is dark.  The classic version is to have one person hold the flashlight while everyone else hides.  The person then uses the flashlight to find everyone hidden in the dark house.

But I still have little ones, so we change it up a bit.  Everyone gets a flashlight- the seekers and hiders.  You turn off the flashlight while you hide, but once you’re found, you turn yours on and help the seeker find everyone else.

And we have added one rule: no purposely scaring people.  We had a few potty accidents in our first few rounds.  (*Embarrassed cough*… bladders get weaker after babies.  It’s not my fault.)

Adapt to the ages you’re playing with.  Teenagers could definitely handle this outside at the park.  But my little baby gets nervous in the dark, so she leaves hers on as she wanders through the house.

This fun game can morph into shadow puppets on the wall or storytelling in the dark as kids get tired.  Let the activity flow as you go.  It’ll create some fun, bonding time.

2 thoughts on “Flashlight Hide-And-Seek

  1. This is one of our favorite games to play with our kids too! When Finley was 2 she would just stand silently in the middle of the room in her nightgown and when the seeker’s light shined on her she wouldn’t move, can you say scary movie worthy?! We still laugh about it to this day😂 It’s a lot more fun in the winter when it gets darker earlier, but in a basement during the summer works great too👍🏻

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