The Husband Project: Day 1

Okay guys, game on!  Today’s the day!

Today’s goal:  Create some free time when your husband gets home.  Really focus on that 30 minute transitional time between work and family.

Ideas: Only you will know what your husband needs.  Everyone is different.  Some guys will want quiet time to lay down, read, or watch TV.  Others might just want to hang out with you.  Sitting on the counter, chatting, while you finish up dinner.

Take a minute and think about what he’d want.  The point is to show him that you value his efforts and that he has a comfortable, peaceful place to come home too.

Here are a few ideas from Kathi’s book and my own to get you thinking:

  • Think about the environment he’s coming home to.  Is it loud and chaotic or calm and peaceful?  Turn on some soft music, throw the toys into a bin, light some candles.
  • If you’re just coming home from work yourself, let him know you’re on dinner tonight and let him go lay down and chill for 30 minutes. (better yet- plan ahead before work and throw a meal in the crock-pot so you guys can chill together for 30  minutes!)  Chill could also be a secret meaning for, you know… chill. 😉
  • When he asks about your day, give a quick summary, and then ask him about his day.  Really listen.  Ask questions.  Give him your full attention.
  • Make the kiddos play outside for 30 minutes.  It’s a win-win- they get their exercise, he gets a minute to breathe before dad time.
  • Have his favorite comfy outfit clean and ready to go.
  • Get his favorite drink ready in the fridge.
  • Have dinner ready, table set with his favorite meal.

The ideas are unique as your husband.

As for me, those of you who know my husband, know that he’s very chill.  Even after the grueling drive home, he never seems stressed, so I don’t think he needs time alone. Today I’m going to make a nice dinner and serve it in our favorite spot in the house: the backyard deck.  I’m going to make it nice and peaceful.  I’m also going to keep my own day calm, so I can be focused on him by the time evening rolls around.

I’m crossing my fingers for success.

How about you?  Any ideas yet?  I can’t wait to hear them!  Good luck today!

Love Dawnie

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