The Husband Project: Day 2

Okay.  Epic fail yesterday.  I woke up all ready to do my project and realized…. IT WAS MEMORIAL DAY!  How did I not put that together?  He wouldn’t be going to work.  I couldn’t help with the home/work transition.  Stink.

I did manage to help him find some free time, though.  Just for him.  How about you?  Day 2 is going to be better. 🙂

Today’s Goal:  Send your husband a flirty text message.

Ideas: I love this one.  Texting is such a great way to connect during the day.  Today you’re job is to make it fun.  Don’t mention anything about whose picking up from soccer or what’s for dinner.  Just be flirty.  Let him know you’re thinking of him and can’t wait to be home together.  Spice it up a bit.

  • Send him a cute picture of you (keep it G-rated though if he’ll open it at work!)
  • Need some ideas, here’s a few-  You’re hot.  Can’t wait to see you tonight.  You are the sprinkles to my cupcake.  How’d I get to lucky to be your wife?
  • Tell him how much you love and appreciate him.
  • Unleash the power of .gifs in your texts. They make texts so much more fun and powerful.  Here are a few of my favorites:

You can never go wrong with a Psych reference.  It always wins my heart.

Whatever you do- make it fun and make him feel special.  Good luck!

Love Dawnie

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