The Husband Project: Day 4

I loved hearing all about the texts you’ve sent your husband.  You guys are amazing!  And the saying something nice yesterday?  I hope it made you feel all warm, and squishy inside.  I know it did for me!

Today’s goal is easy and fun- FOOD!  What guy doesn’t love food?

Today’s goal:  Buy your husband a treat he loves AND that he doesn’t have to share.  Not even with you.

Ideas:  My husband loves Root Beer Floats.  Weird, right?  All that cream mixed in with the carbonation, puffing up, empty bubbles, getting stickiness everywhere.  Not my jam.  But he loves it.  I remember in college, we would go to the local A&W and get a chilled mug full with root beer floats.  He was in heaven.

But fast forward 13 years, and he rarely gets his favorite treat (my bad) and when he does, he has to share with four other hungry little mouths.

But not today.

Today he gets his own treat.  All to himself.  I’m headed to the store and will go against all that is good and buy root beer AND ice cream.  I’m even going to try and find a mug that chills for the extra fun factor.

What about you?  What is your husband’s favorite treat?  If you don’t know, ask him!  Does he have a favorite dinner that you don’t know how to make?  Learn how and make it for him.

Whatever it is, remember the ultimate goal here:  make him feel loved and special.  And the secondary goal:  get your mind thinking about him and putting him first!

P.S. Don’t forget about the Bonus Project this week- initiating intimacy.  Get busy (ahem, I mean get started on this soon!  It’s already Wednesday!)

Love Dawnie

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