The Husband Project: Day 5

Whew! Day 5.  How you guys doing?  I survived the root beer floats.  I’m feeling pretty good about myself. 🙂  I thought I’d throw in a picture of my awesome hubby.  Isn’t he cute?

Today’s Goal:  Initiate an activity that your husband used to love.  Whether it’s his favorite hobby, sport or pastime, it’s time for you to get involved.  Be his buddy.

Ideas:  Take a minute to brainstorm what he used to do with his free time…. can you think of anything?

Cue the crickets.

It took me a minute to come up with things that were truly him.  First I came up with: watch soccer, play soccer, talk about soccer, shop for soccer stuff (he’s a little lopsided with his interests)  🙂  But then I dug deep and remembered he loved bowling when we were dating.  He also loved to drive up the canyons, go camping, and shop for camping gear.  He also loved to play pool.  And play board games.

When did we stop doing all those things? Argh.

But that’s changing today.  In fact, last night we pulled out the UNO cards and played a quick game after dinner.  Tonight?  We’re planning out summer camping trips.  It’s fun to watch his eyes light up as he plans.

Is your mind spinning with ideas yet?  Here are a few more ideas if you’re stuck:

  • Does he have an all-time favorite movie?  Rent it.  Pop some popcorn.
  • Can you get a magazine about his favorite hobby?
  • Ask him to teach you how to do his favorite sport or game.
  • Snuggled up while he’s watching the big game this weekend.  Don’t talk too much, just sit and enjoy.
  • Try to find a cool website about something he loves and ask him about it.

I’m really enjoying the fun, exciting emotions that are coming as I help him rekindle some fun.  I hope you are too!  Have a great Friday!

Love Dawnie

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