The Husband Project: Day 6 & 7

With the crazy weekend starting today, I thought I’d lump the two days into one post.  Mix in the projects whenever you can!

Day 6 Goals: Do something to help your husband enjoy physical touch.  Find something that will help him relax.  New pillows, massage lotions, a back rub… your choice.

Ideas:   Each husband will be different.  Even if he doesn’t love massages or lotions, maybe he has something that bugs him- a lumpy pillow, old blankets on the couch, scratchy tags on his shirt.  Think of one way you can add a little comfort to his day.  Maybe put a new, snugly blanket by the TV or get some new pillows.  Maybe you need to work in small, new ways you can hold his hand or touch his knee or snuggle up close while watching a show.  Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

And for the second day:

Day 7 Goals:  Do one thing to look nice just for your guy.  It can be clothes, hair or makeup.

Ideas:  The side benefit of this project, is you’ll feel great, too!  Dressing up just a bit always makes me feel better, even if I’m just faking it.

Just pick one thing to spice up.  I know I’ll be sitting at soccer games all day Saturday, but instead of my usual sweats, I’m going to try and wear some cute jeans, t-shirt and lip gloss.  We’ll see if anyone notices!

I also recently spoke with a friend about this.  Her husband loves her in a certain t-shirt.  I hope she wears it this weekend! 😉

Good luck! And have a great weekend.  I’ll be posting your assignments for next week this Sunday, so check back!

Love Dawnie

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