The Husband Project: Day 10

Today’s project is simple.

The goal:  Wear something just for your husband.  You can buy something, or just pick out an item you already have.  He might not even notice (cough, cough…  Mike) 🙂  But YOU will know.  And that will change something, spark something inside of you.

It can be anything.  Maybe throw a nice skirt on instead of jeans, or wear those special earrings he gave you last Christmas.  What’s his favorite color?  Does he have a favorite sports team?  Wear a shirt with their logo.  Has he said you look nice in a certain outfit?  Wear it today.

My husband gave me some beautiful pearl earrings 13 years ago.  I wore them at my wedding.  I always feel his love whenever I wear them.  I’m pulling them out tomorrow.  Even if it is the last day of school and I’ll be out sweating on the playground.  At least my earlobes will be in style and I’ll be thinking of him.

What will you wear? (P.S. Hang in there! We’re about halfway through this project. We’re gonna make it.)

Love Dawnie

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