The Husband Project: Day 11

Wahoo!  We’re past halfway through The Husband Project.  I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

I loved wearing my pearl earrings yesterday.  I felt connected to Mike all day and enjoyed seeing them every time I passed the mirror.  Not sure he noticed, but I did!

Did you wear anything special?  How did you feel?

Today’s goal: Kathi calls it the “Stress-Be-Gone.”  I love this name.  Your focus is to remove one stressor from his life.  Figure out what makes him feel a tiny sense of defeat each day and plan to remove it.

I’m torn between two things today.

One:  When I park in the garage, I’m usually hauling mounds of kids, groceries, scooters and/or library books.  I need a lot of room to get those unloaded, so I tend to park closer to the middle, instead of my assigned side spot.  So when Mike gets home, he has to squeeeeze in his compact car.  Inching in bit by bit.  And it’s a good thing he’s skinny because he has to suck in and shimmy his way out of the car.  I know it bugs him to NO END.  Maybe today, I’ll try to park a little bit more responsibly.

Two:  There is nothing more exhausting than giving a strong-willed two-year-old a bath after a long, stressful day.  It’s fun to snuggle, sing and read with her AFTER the bath, but the bath is slightly torturous.  Maybe I should take that off his plate today.  If I’m feeling up to it, maybe I’ll do both.  Depends on how many groceries I buy. 🙂

Here are some other ideas from Kathi’s book:

  • Does he have to move a mountain of bicycles in the driveway before he can pull in?  Have the kids clear them off tonight.
  • Is he a clean freak that comes home to a huge pile of laundry on the couch?  Clean it off.
  • Is your bathroom sink full of product and makeup?  Clean it up so he can have some man-space to brush his teeth.
  • Does he have a watch that needs a new battery, a piece of luggage with a broken handle, a favorite shirt with the button missing?  Take care of the little annoyance, not to be thanked, but just to make his life a little easier.
  • Where’s his favorite spot in the house?  If it’s the chair by the TV, make sure the remote is handy.

What are your ideas?  How are you going to make his life a tiny bit easier today?

Love Dawnie

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