The Husband Project: Day 11, 12 & 13

Hi guys!  Happy Summer!  I wasn’t sure it would ever come.

I’m popping in today to give the projects for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  It’s the first week of summer and I know things are CRAZY!  I’m going to lump them all together right now, so you know what’s coming and try to fit a few of them in when you can.

Friday: Tell your husband something about him that you think is simply great.  Really make this compliment count.  Boost his self-worth.  Be sincere.

Saturday:  Help your husband get one of his regular duties off his list, or come alongside him and help in a project that he enjoys.  Just hang around him and help out.  Let him feel that you love being around him.

Sunday:  Make your husband something special in the kitchen.  Maybe a yummy dinner, cold drink, special dessert.  Use the lazy Sunday afternoon to create something fun.

And don’t forget…. The Bonus Project:  Initiate intimacy.  😉

Have a fabulous weekend!  Enjoy the sunshine and put your family first.

Love Dawnie

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