The Husband Project: Week 3

I’m sorry this is two days late!!! The sudden onset of summer has hit me like a tsunami.  I took the selfie above while I was locked in the laundry room with a tub of homemade cookies.   My two-year-old was peeking under the door.  Hello summer.

Here are the assignments for the last week of The Husband Project.  I hope this has been a great experience for you.  Even if you just casually threw in a few of the assignments, I hope it blessed your life.  I know it did mine.

Your last projects:  (Try to work in as many as you can!)

  • Monday: Get rid of one item of clothing you know your husband is not in love with.  If it’s a favorite that you’ll have a hard time parting with, go ahead and purchase a replacement you know your guy will like. (Maybe old, holey pajamas? Underwear safety-pinned together?  Toss it.)
  • Tuesday: In some way today, let your husband know that you’re attracted to him physically.  Tell him he’s hot!  If you can throw in a not-run-of-the-mill kiss, that’d boost it even more.
  • Wednesday:  Give your husband some time off.  Let him come home one evening and just relax (or maybe it’ll be Saturday morning.  No chores, just let him be him.)  Try to get some of his chores done before he gets to them.  It is summer- have the kids help.  I worked this assignment in last week with Mike.  I let him come home, gave him the remote and said go watch the soccer game, I’ve got dishes.  I think it was a breath of fresh air for him.
  • Thursday:  Take him out to his favorite restaurant.  If you’re tight on money, try to make a dish from that restaurant.  If you want to make it extra special- ambush him right when he gets home and take an impromptu date.
  • Friday: Create an atmosphere of a Bed & Breakfast in your room.  Here are a few ideas to pick from:  Clean out the clutter, dust and vacuum.  New sheets.  New bedspread.  Fresh flowers.  Light some candles.  Soft music.  Turn off the TV.  Make a tray of delights- fresh fruit tray, cheese and crackers, chocolate nibbles.  Make it a fun, positive, soft atmosphere.
  • Saturday:  Let him win the media wars as you suggest an action-packed-car-chasing-things-exploding thriller.  Or whatever HE likes to watch.  And then snuggle up!
  • Sunday: Leave a cute, flirty note for your husband to find.  Mike totally won at this yesterday.  I walked into my office and found the sweetest note he left on my whiteboard.  I melted on the spot.  I can’t wait to reciprocate this week!
  • Bonus Project: Figure out some time this week for initiating intimacy with your guy when the two of you are alone!!!

Whew!  And then you’re done!  Did you notice anything positive from your efforts?  Did you see any changes in your marriage?  Your spouse?  Yourself?

I felt more connected to Mike.  I realized it only takes a minute to bless and think about him.  I realized I already do a lot for him, but can improve in many ways.

Kathi suggests continuing along this path.  She chooses one day a week (always Wednesdays for her)  to focus on her husband.  Making sure she is cooking something he likes, giving him a bit of a break, and building him up.  I love that idea and am implementing it next week.

Good luck on the projects this week and thanks a ton for all your feedback!  You guys are the best!

Love Dawnie


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