Mothering From Your Heart.

I get so tired of the noise.

So tired of the world telling me how I should raise my children and build my family.  It’s exhausting.

Oh?  Your son isn’t potty trained?  You use disposable diapers?  Your kids aren’t playing any sports?  How many play dates do you schedule a week?  Your kids don’t know how to code?  You don’t work?  Aren’t you eating all organic?  You know, those pesticides… (insert shaking head.)  You don’t travel?  You haven’t even taken your kids to Disneyland?  (Insert audible *GASP*)

My head spins with all these expectations.

The world is in confusion.  Can you feel it?  Families are under attack.  Experts weigh in on raising our kids, celebrities voice opinions on marriage, news articles convey the latest trend that- guess what? is proven wrong the next day.  No one seems to know up from down or right from wrong.

Pure confusion.  I’ve had enough of it.

My best mothering moments come when I pull back from the world.  I turn off my screens, take a quiet moment and prayerfully look into my heart.  This is when I feel the quiet, whispering guidance that I desperately seek.

These quiet times have brought great fruit into my life.

I found powerful ways to strengthen my marriage.  I felt the push to cancel an extracurricular activity that was putting too heavy a burden on our family.  We now have more time at home, to just be together.  I found ways to improve a weakness that I’ve been struggling with my entire life.  I created ways to connect with my children one-on-one.

Great fruit.

But you know what?  None of these ideas are in align with the world’s view.  In fact, most are in complete opposition.  And if I hadn’t stepped away, I would have never seen these answers that were just waiting for me.  Like ripe apples, hanging low on the branches.

I know what is best for my family.  And YOU. DO. TOO.

Take time this week to step back.  Prayerfully look into your heart and find the answers you seek.

Let the confusion swirl around you.  You know what’s right.

Love Dawnie


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