A Picture To Take Today: Cute Kiddo Feet

Yesterday, I pulled a pink shirt out of my laundry basket and casually threw it on.  It wasn’t until I looked in the bathroom mirror that I realized it was my 11-year-old daughter’s shirt.  What?!?!  How did she get so big?  Where is the time going?  Slow down… please slow down!

That incident inspired me to pull out the camera and take some pictures of my kiddo’s feet, dirt-stained and all.

I am hoping these pictures reminds us about this special stage.  The stage we realized my daughter can spread her toes enough to eat with a spoon.  The stage when my second oldest is almost as tall as her big sister.  The stage when my son’s feet are still smaller than mine.   And with my youngest, the last baby feet we’ll have around here.  Sigh…


So pull out that camera.  Capture those quirky toenails, awkward toes and chubby feet!  Happy memory making!

Love Dawnie

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