My New Favorite Book

Hey guys!

Happy Fourth of July!!!  I hope you have exciting things planned today.  It’s one of my favorite holidays.  The family.  The food.  The parades, fireworks, play.  The warmth of summer.  I love every moment.

I thought I’d pop in today with a recommendation.  A great book I’ve read lately is called The Fringe Hours, by Jessica N. Turner.  It totally changed my thinking.

Sometimes as a mom, I feel like my goals, my hobbies and my desires are always pushed to the back burner.  I know that oftentimes it’s my fault, but seriously, some days I don’t see any way to make them happen.

Until this book.  She talks about the concept of “fringe hours.”   You know those moments that are hidden in five minute increments throughout the day- waiting in the carpool line,  while you’re drying your hair, your daily commute.  There are amazing amounts of time just hiding on the fringes.

Jessica gives great ideas that are really outside of the box.  They really weren’t ground-breaking, but all put together, they changed my life.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed in life, but underwhelmed in your personal goals, give this book a shot.  Head out to the local library and reserve yourself a copy!

And happy holiday!

Love Dawnie

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