Make It Magical: Family Dinner Time

I’ve had this idea for a blog series titled: “Make It Magical”  rattling around in my brain for a while.  It stems from the monotony of everyday living (which honestly,  I’m kind of terrible at). I LOVE being a mother.  I would not trade it for the world, but sometimes the daily feeding, laundry, cleaning … Continue reading Make It Magical: Family Dinner Time

Making Summertime Magical

When  my husband and I were first married, we received advice from a mentor that changed the way I see summer forever. He said that he and his wife saved for years to take their kids on the ultimate California vacation.  Spending thousands of dollars on hotels, resorts, souvenirs and everything that was expected in … Continue reading Making Summertime Magical

Make It Magical: Bedtime

8 pm. It’s the time I read my precious children a storybook, gently sing a lullaby and we softly say heavenly, inspired prayers.  And then my sweet, little ones lay their head on their pillows and gently drift off to sleep. Ha. Here is how bedtime usually goes down:  I’m exhausted.  My husband’s exhausted.  We hastily … Continue reading Make It Magical: Bedtime

Using Food To Create Connection

After a long day last week, I lay awake in bed thinking: “All I did today was food: I bought food, put away food, cooked food, served food, cleaned up food, prepared for tomorrow’s food (oh, and ate food somewhere along the way, I think…). Food, food everywhere.  Blah.  I was sick of it. I … Continue reading Using Food To Create Connection

Activities For Kids: Sock Soccer

Okay, guys:  I finally figured out how to make laundry magical! I was folding what seemed to be an endless pile of laundry.  (Seriously, why did no one tell me four kids created an insane amount of dirty clothes?  I feel like I should have been warned.) But I digress. As I was deep into … Continue reading Activities For Kids: Sock Soccer