A Picture To Take Today: Cute Kiddo Feet

Yesterday, I pulled a pink shirt out of my laundry basket and casually threw it on.  It wasn’t until I looked in the bathroom mirror that I realized it was my 11-year-old daughter’s shirt.  What?!?!  How did she get so big?  Where is the time going?  Slow down… please slow down!

That incident inspired me to pull out the camera and take some pictures of my kiddo’s feet, dirt-stained and all.

I am hoping these pictures reminds us about this special stage.  The stage we realized my daughter can spread her toes enough to eat with a spoon.  The stage when my second oldest is almost as tall as her big sister.  The stage when my son’s feet are still smaller than mine.   And with my youngest, the last baby feet we’ll have around here.  Sigh…


So pull out that camera.  Capture those quirky toenails, awkward toes and chubby feet!  Happy memory making!

Love Dawnie

A Picture To Take Today: Time With Dad

Dads are special and so, so important.

They bring fun and excitement and play in a totally different way than moms.  Their teaching-style is different.  The way they relate and talk with kids is different.  Kids need good dads in their lives.

I snapped this picture while my husband was spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with our kids.  You can see the pure joy on their faces.  Wrestling with dad is a time of fun and bonding and a unique way that my husband shows our kids that he loves them and that they’re important.

So this weekend, try to snap a picture of one way your husband shows his kids that they’re loved.  Does he let them help around the house?  Does he do a tickle monster?  Does he tell lame dad jokes?  Does he accidentally doze off while they are reading to him? Whatever it is, be sure to capture it.

It’s a memory worth saving.

A Picture To Take Today: Homework Time

After school time is CRAZY at my house.  The big kids come crashing through the door, hungry and ready for some mom attention.  The little kids are waking up from their naps and ready for a snack and some mom attention.

It can get a little harried, but I LOVE IT and would not trade it for the world.  I set aside all my worries and projects for a little bit and completely soak up their love and energy.

My challenge for you today is to take a picture of homework time and what it looks like at YOUR house.

I grabbed the above picture of my little kindergarten boy.  I love how it captured his little hand and how it’s improved so much at holding a pencil over the past few months.  How is he almost in first grade?

And this picture…


Totally sums up the relationship between two of my girls.  Every time the big girl gets home from school, my youngest, climbs up in her lap and chatters on about her day, all the while the big sister chips away at her homework.

It’s blessed chaos.

How does it look in your home?  Capture it today!


A Picture To Take Today: Sibling Relationships

I have a budding reader at my house.  One of his favorite things to do is crawl up into his baby sister’s bed and read to her while she’s drinking her post-nap milk.  She doesn’t care whether he misses a word or makes up a silly story that doesn’t match the pictures.  She just loves his attention and closeness.


So today, take a minute and take a picture of a special sibling bond that your kids have.  Do they walk home from school together?  Share a favorite outdoor game?  Snuggle at night together?  Take a minute to capture it forever.

Happy unplugging!


A Picture To Take Today: Cooking With Your Kids


Some days, cooking with the kids is too much for me.  The mess, the chaos, things don’t turn out quite right.  But other days?  I let it happen.  I invite them into my kitchen, we turn on the music and eat the cookie dough right out of the pan.

I treasure this time.  The little ones pulling over chairs.  The bigger ones, hopping up on the counter.  Little feet on tippy-toes.


Today, take out your camera, invite the kids in and capture the mess and love and fun that happen.

Treasure and unplug everyday.