iPad Adventure Quest For Kids

Happy Friday friends!

I thought I’d pop in today with a fun idea from a mom in our community.  I LOVE all the ideas you’ve been sending my way!  Keep ’em coming!  (I would love to highlight your ideas for play and balancing media.  So just shoot me a comment if you’ve got something to share!)

Love you all!

So… back to this mom.  Her kids constantly begged for time on the iPad.  It was their favorite thing.  But she didn’t love the way they sat like zombies, wasting the time away.  So she decided to reinvent the way they played on the iPad.

She introduced:  iPad Quests.  It combines physical activity, social interaction AND electronics.  What?!?!

This mom opens a simple word document on the iPad (or a sticky note app would work too) and makes a list of things for her kids to do… like a quest. 🙂  Her kids now beg her to make a new quest every day.

A quest would have something like this on it:

  • Run down to the basement
  • Find something yellow and touch it three times
  • Run back upstairs
  • Do 10 jumping jacks
  • Find your baby sister and give her a big kiss and hug
  • Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as loud as you can
  • Run up and down the stairs 10 times
  • Search for the hidden stuffed animal Mom hid in the living room
  • Take that stuffed animal and tuck it into your bed
  • Run up and down the stairs 10 more times

The kids frantically run around giggling and out of breath as they complete each task.  Way different than just playing a typical game on the iPad.

My ideas keep turning- you could make it themed.  Maybe a Service Quest or a Stuffed Animal Adventure Quest, A Color Quest.  So many possibilities.

What an incredible, inventive mom!  I’m planning on trying this in my home.  I hope you do too!